Tamriel Game Report 20 – Through The Eras

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http://www.epicwords.com/attachments/14230 – Through The Eras

Tamriel Game Report 19 – Dragon Rift

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http://www.epicwords.com/attachments/14053 – Dragonrift

Tamriel Game Report – 18 A Party in Your Honor

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Hero Forge – Custom Minis YOU design!

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Yeah, now I can take my Skyrim character concepts to the table top. Now if they just made khjiit and argonians!



Tamriel Play Report 17

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http://www.epicwords.com/attachments/13687 - 17 Starblood

Merchant Cash Flow

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A common problem GMs struggle with, is what to do if the players find too much treasure. I’ve read many articles about this and found a pretty easy and consistent solution. Limit the cash flow of your merchants. If a merchant only has so much money, then the characters can only sell the merchant so much. They may have some expensive things they wish to sell but if the merchant doesn’t have the money, they’ll have to hang onto it. This may even lead to adventures where the players try and help the merchants become wealthier so that they have a means of dumping off more treasures.

Here is something I’m using in my Tamriel campaign. You’ll want to play with the numbers for your own game world’s economy. Also think about how often the Merchant’s cash flow replenishes. Is it every week, month, several months etc.?

MERCHANT                        CASH FLOW
Poor Merchant                          100gp
Smalltime Merchant            2000gp
Merchant                                  5000gp
Well stocked Merchant    10000gp
Rich Merchant                  25000+gp

These merchants typically replenish their cash flow every month. If the city they are in is large and part of a major trade route it could be as often as each week.
By limiting the money the merchants have you have tighter reigns on the character’s coin count.

As an example, my players can come across some dremora (evil soldiers from another plane). These dremora have very heavy but excellent weapons and armor that are worth quite a bit. Having merchants with limited cash flows limits how many suits of armor and weapons the party wants to cart around. And they’ll then need to store these treasures and worry about thieves etc. The party can also play with the cash flow by selling some expensive items, then buying from the merchant to replenish his cash, then sell more. Either way they are getting what they want and you aren’t making them so rich they can buy the kingdom. This only works of course if you aren’t simply giving them coin in every treasure. Other items such as art, things made of expensive materials, gems and jewelry require them to find a merchant to convert it to cash.

I hope you find this useful in your game!