Sci Fi RPG – The Terminal Verge

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Space combat, raids on terrorist bases, discovering new races, rescue missions on enemy capital ships, crash landing on alien worlds, fighting strange alien beasts. All that in just a handful of sessions. We’ve been to 6 starstystems, landed on one new planet, crashed on one planet, docked with 2 space stations, gotten into 7 fire fights, 4 space battles, did a space walk, discovered some campaign secrets and generally having a good time.

Terminal Verge Play Reports


Tamriel Game Report 20 – Through The Eras

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Tamriel Game Report – 18 A Party in Your Honor

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Hero Forge – Custom Minis YOU design!

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Yeah, now I can take my Skyrim character concepts to the table top. Now if they just made khjiit and argonians!

Tamriel Play Report 17

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