Art of Wuxia – Where Are We?

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Hero Surrounded!

2017 was a very good year for Art of Wuxia. All of the rules were finalized. The game appeared in several gaming conventions and we got returning players eager to play the game again. We survived the name update and cleaned up many niggling things in the book. Character play and development has improved and combat got even better.

I’m very excited for Art of Wuxia in 2018. I’m currently writing two new convention scenarios. I’ve written two new scenarios each year. I’ve learned that that has been important as some players have returned because they had to choose between Art of Wuxia or another game. I was told by returning players that having a new scenario made it easy for them to choose Art of Wuxia again. I’m thrilled that players are having so much fun with this game that they return for new sessions. It would be far easier to just rerun the same sessions each year but the extra work is worth it. It also gives me a chance to show different flavors of wuxia stories. Wuxia is a broad genre and demonstrating that shows potential players what it can do and shows me where rules need to be tweaked to allow for many styles of story and play.

There are still a few more steps to complete. My first convention is in just a few weeks so my efforts are all directed toward writing the new scenarios and play testing them. After the first convention I can finish the map and finalize the setting chapter. Wrap up notes with my personal playtest group and any other playtest groups that are active. Then I’ll be going over the book and doing a little cleanup in organization of the GM section. Then I’ll pass it on for some edit passes. Then, finally, it will be time to look at public playtest. So yeah! This is happening!

Here are the conventions that Art of Wuxia will be at in 2018. Some details are still sketchy at this time but this is the plan. More details as I get them.

Con of the North Feb 16-18 Minneapolis, MN

The Mountain Manor Murders, Sat 2pm-6pm, GM Jim Alcala Sales

Valley of the Giant Cranes, Sun 2pm-6pm, GM Jim Alcala Sales

Menomocon April 7th Menomonie, WI

TBD, Noon – 4PM, GM Jim Alcala Sales

TBD, Noon – 4PM, GM Brian Gute

Clearwater Con Eau Claire, WI Games TBD

Gamehole Con Nov 8th-11th Madison, WI Games TBD

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