Wuxia Paper Minis!

Face Detail
Detail on Face of Sorcerer

In some of my posts I’ve shown some game table props. I make a lot of use of paper minis. They are cheap, easy to create and easy to store.  Finding good images though is a bit of a challenge. Costume sites work well. Purchasable wuxia minis though are very hard to find if not non-existent.

So a little while back I contacted Arion Games, makers of many excellent RPG products and an astounding collection of paper minis. I have over 40 sets myself but found they didn’t have any classic wuxia. So I contacted them and they were very happy to make a set. They asked me what I thought should be in the set and after a few emails they released the Wuxia Set.


I hope these find a place at your gaming table. I hope these are popular enough that we could get more kung fu action heroes and villains to play with.

Wuxia Set
Arion Games Wuxia Set

Thank you Arion Games! Your kung fu is strong! You were a pleasure to work with.

If you like these paper minis consider getting a subscription to Arion games paper minis. Eighteen sets released so far this year!

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