Dice Have Exploded!

Explodingdice has had a reset. Here I’ll be posting gaming articles primarily focused on Art of Wuxia (AoW) the new RPG I’m developing based on DwD Studios Barebones Fantasy and Covert Ops games.

Art of Wuxia has several playtest groups and it has been shown at several gaming conventions now.

This past year it has shown up at Con of the North (Feb. Minneapolis, MN), Clear Water Con (July Eau Claire, WI), & Gamehole Con (Nov. Madison, WI).  I ran two sessions at each of the first two cons and Brian Gute ran two at Gamehole, thank you Brian!

But there is more to come!

Art of Wuxia will be returning to Con of the North and Clear Water Con in 2017 as well as Minomecon (April, Menomonie, WI). Those are on my schedule now and I may add more in the coming months.

Stay tuned.


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